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About the RRTAE

Over 150 world class artists creating tattoos and masterpieces in many mediums before your very eyes.
Hand picked list of artists representing the best in a diverse styles.
Unique location is intimate yet spacious, with natural light and spectacular view.
Strong emphasis on painting/fine art including live painting sessions, one hosted by Shawn Barber, and virtual galleries displayed via projector throughout the venue.
No contests: instead, at the end of each day works that were done on the expo floor are invited up on stage to be showcased. A panel of artists will discuss what makes each one a great piece of artwork.
Panels of artists hold a number of lightning fast critique sessions on works submitted by artist pass holders.
There is a large historical component that includes a major museum exhibit in the original Milton Zeus tent, plus a talk written partially by CW Eldridge touching on local history and how it ties in to the tattoo industry at large.
Short figure drawing sessions each morning hosted by Hannah Aitchison.
Live interviews by senior artists in some of tattooing’s most popular styles talking with the up-and-coming talents in their style.
Outdoor food court with a range of healthy eating options.
Artist-only break room and dining area includes private deck overlooking river.
Free parking.